For providers that serve men who have experienced trauma and loss and those impacted by their trauma and loss.

The National Center for Male Trauma and Loss (NCMTL) is a gender specific, culturally responsive Center of Excellence dedicated to educate and equip providers, organizations, companies in the helping fields on male trauma and loss healing and prevention.

Our Story 

The 2014 Helping Men Heal (HMH) Male Trauma Market and Metrics survey provided the insight that framed the creation and focus of the National Center.  The Market and Metric survey engaged 55 leaders and experts from five different sectors (mental health, health-care, corrections, local/state government and military).

Helping Men Heal’s focus was “Male Trauma and Loss”.  HMH conducted an extensive eight month Market and Metrics study/survey to better understand how best to help providers address male trauma and loss, and the conditions generated as a result of unresolved trauma and loss.

The result was 700 pages of verbatim responses. Nine survey participants summarized the document down to 140 pages; then again to 66 pages.

Once Helping Men Heal had the data, it was narrowed down and the results were prioritized.  HMH then developed and built the highest recommended priorities in an actionable, executable, measurable way.

Helping Men Heal met its internal requirement that each would enter a beta process to ensure a clear proof of concept, economic sustainable, and be executable both regionally and nationally.

The National Center for Male Trauma and Loss (NCMTL) was then developed from the results of the 2014 Helping Men Heal study.